Friday, 29 January 2010

Battle Report - 23/01/10 (Part 2)

Here's the second battle we played on the first day of our new campaign... enjoy...

An excerpt from the journal of Erik Kyelmir

After a short rest the time to move back to our proper camp came. My wounds healed nicely and whilst we waited another man touched by Chaos came to join our cause. His name was Mr Badow and he had the most wonderful tentacle. He must have bought the blessings of Tzeench with him too, as we discovered a cache of 5 warpstone shards just after his arrival! Praise be!
After welcoming him to the fold we progressed along the streets of Mordheim for a short while before spotting movement up ahead. Khel'Zhu seemed sure that there were four warbands ahead who had been in the challenge for the Blood Crystal. He told me they were planning to band together to destroy us and steal our prize...

...They would soon learn the magnitude of their folly...

We began at one end of a ruined street that wound towards a crossroads and off into safety. We advanced slowly and carefully, taking stock of the group of witch hunters to our right. They jeered at us and seemed to have gotten drunk after the last battle. They proceeded to attack us with War dogs and snipe us with a crossbow. The dog quickly found itself skewered on one of my Brethren' spear points and the crossbow bolts clattered ineffectually off the crumbling stone around us. With a roar the Witch Hunters were distracted by a bull centaur that charged into two of their number and began to savagely attack them. It seemed the truce between our enemies was amusingly short lived. At the same time we spotted some dark elves advancing towards us. We ducked through a side alleyway into another street. Looking towards it's end we could see a graveyard, and around tombstones a group of undead stumbled forward. The groups vampire seemed to be elsewhere to my excitement. On closer inspection he had charged across and was engaging the dark elves almost single handed.
Amongst the confusion we pressed on, my archers felling zombies easily, only to see them reanimated by a necromancer hiding behind the wall of walking corpses.
It was at this point the Chaos Dwarves finally joined the fray properly. With a loud bang like a thousands thunder claps they unloaded one of their hellish blunderbuss'. It smashed through soft dark elf flesh, and even managed to damage the vampire. The infighting continued as the Necromancer attempted to stop my escape. His zombies charged my mutants, brethren and beastmen and a brutal battle raged for some time. Malevolence sped away in an attempt to escape but was slowed by a pathetic looking dreg who put up a surprisingly ferocious fight.
In the brawl between my forces and the zombies we slowly but surely gained ground. There were casualties on both sides but the tables looked to turn against us as the vampire seemed to tire of killing Dark Elves and charged into the fray. The Witch Hunters seemed to be determined to exterminate themselves, and had been busily sending dogs and warriors against anyone and everyone. They were now down to a few men and their leader charged the Chaos Dwarves by himself. Fool.
After a few moments of desperate fighting my beastmen finally managed to gain the upper hand against the vampire and knocked him to the floor. We looked certain to finish the fell creature but it was not Tzeench's will for him to die that day. A sudden rain storm broke out, it's water tainted with warp energy that burnt on contact. The already chaotic battle became more so and all of the warbands escaped in the confusion. We kept our Wyrdstone, but are still unable to find our way back to camp. One of our brethren died from his wounds and I sacrificed a group of civilians we found to Tzeench to guide the warriors soul to our dark lords side....

And that was that. The end is slighly abrubt due to the fact that when your able to voluntarily fail a route test and it's 2 in the morning and your girlfriend is being verbal about how tired she damn well fail that route test. It doesn't matter if your about to kill a vampire! Sorry it wasn't as comprehensive as the previous one, my memory wasn't up to the task apparently. I will make sure to take notes when we get together tomorrow, and furnish you with a proper battle report as soon as I can manage after that. You stay classy Mordheim, I'm Ron Burgundy.

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