Friday, 5 February 2010

Battle Report 30/01/2010 - Part 1

We had another night of battles last week, so I'll go into that in a moment. We will be posting some stuff about modelling a some point... but when I say we I mean Mary, and he's not got round to writing anything yet. So when he does I'll get it posted.

An Excerpt from the Journal of Erik Kyelmir

It seems we are cursed to wander this forsaken city for all eternity. We attempted to make our way back to the outskirts again, only to find ourselves completely lost. One good thing did come of our meanderings. We encountered a witch huddled in a broken down herbalists shop. She was initially reluctant to talk to us, but after engaging her in a conversation on some of the more advanced points of alchemy soon endeared her to me. I learnt her name was Luna and she decided to join us to help with my research. I would be a fool to turn such powerful help down.
With this new ally we continued onward and encountered a group of Dark Elves. The opertunity to offer some of their pale flesh to Tzeench was too good to miss and we advanced. Me, Khel'Zhu, Luna, Mr Badow and the archers flanked to the right whilst Corben and Malevolence lead the beastmen and spearmen down the centre. My group spotted some of the Elves attempting the same flanking idea. our arrows were fairly effective but Khel'Zhu's Arrows of Arha tore through the enemies, his power bolstered by Luna's scrying magic.
Meanwhile Corben's group encountered the Dark Elves leader and Sorceress amusingly unprotected. With bloodthirsty cries they charged and soon had the weak elflings thrown to the ground. Shortly after the enemy broke and their fleet feet carried them beyond our reach.

And that was that. It was a really short battle where all the rolls went in my favour and against Tim and his Dark Elves. I will type up the next battle later, it was definately more...exiting.

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