Sunday, 24 January 2010

The Curtain Opens

Welcome to Blood Crystal, a blog about our Mordheim group and their ongoing campaign. I'll be keeping you updated with accounts of our battles and anything of interest that happens away from the gaming table.
Our experience with Mordheim is varied at the moment. Mary, Luke and myself all played to some extent about 5-10 years ago and Tim has some previous experience with warhammer. The closest thing the rest of our players have done is probably D&D. In fact you'll probably see that D&D influence shine through in our campaign. Luke has taken it upon himself to be something of a mordheim DM and is intending to lead our ragtag warriors through a complete storyline.
I have no idea how this tale will plan out, but I will attempt to relay it through the eyes of my Warband Leader Erik Kyelmir, Magister of Tzeentch.

Our campaign players at this time are
Mike (me) - Cult of the Possessed (being played as followers of Tzeentch)
Mary - Chaos Dwarves (Note - He's now switched to Norse)
Luke - Undead
Charlie - Cult of the Possessed (being played as followers of Slaanesh)
Tim - Dark Elves
Stan - Skaven
Gemma - Dark Elves
Craig - Temporarily playing a makeshift witch hunter wb until he can afford some Mini's.

At the time of this writing I am just gathering some pictures from our first few battles. Once they are in I'll furnish you with an account of events.

I hope you enjoy what will follow, please don't hesitate to leave comments about your reactions or your own Mordheim experiences.

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